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Icoone Laser




Through microstimulation, the innovative icoone technology offers customised and effective treatment of the face and body skin, while simultaneously draining, firming and remodelling the silhouette.

The innovative icoone LASER technology combines mechanical stimulation, delivered by independent motorised microstimulators, with the action of LASER and LED light sources, which quickly and effectively targets diet and exercise resistant fat deposits.
The Robosolo handpiece’s touch screen display enables the operator to select the 650 nm LED, the 915 nm LASER or a combination of both. Associated with Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation, these light sources help to achieve quicker, longer-lasting results.

  • 650 nm LED: rejuvenates the skin by acting on the fibroblasts present in the connective tissue and stimulating the production of collagen. This wavelength reaches the fat cells, causing the transients pores on the cell membranes to open, thereby releasing the cells’ fat content.
  • 915 nm LASER: performs a remodelling action by reaching the deepest layers of the tissue, penetrating fat cells and activat  ing lipolysis.
  • Treat the infinitely SMALL…with extremely BIG results!icoone redefines your silhouette in a few sessions with incomparable results. icoone stimulates tissues and boosts cells activity in order to obtain more results without trauma. The action of icoone favours metabolic exchanges and improves the cellular activity, giving a general sensation of wellbeing along with aesthetic improvements.